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Cash Advance on your Inheritance - Get the money you need today!

Long delays, uncertainties, legal hassles. Too often these are the problems you inherit when a loved one, friend or relative dies. Because a typical estate can easily be tied up in court proceedings (called probate) for a year or more, there's no way of knowing when you'll acutally receive your inheritance money.

An inheritance cash advance helps you overcome the long delays built into the probate process.

  • You get part of your inheritance now, instead of waiting months, or even years!
  • You have no personal liability.
  • There are no monthly payments to make, and no hidden charges.
  • Your income or credit status isn't a problem.
  • There's no credit check and no employment questions asked.
  • You'll get fast, courteous and friendly help and one click gets you started! 

    Learn more on the Inheritance FAQs page.

    Or CLICK HERE NOW to get started FAST.

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